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Chad Pennington
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Are you looking to put your child or athlete into the best sports program for the summer?

Look no further than Turbulence at Private Training Zone

Phase I June 9th – June 30th
Phase II July 7th – July 31th
Phase III August – TBA

Turbulence services the athlete in everyone whether recreational or competitive. Our mission is to make your athletic goals more attainable through knowledge of the game and most of all SPEED! When asked what component of the game or player’s athletic ability could not be countered by skill or knowledge of the game; 9 out of 10 recruiting coaches replied with SPEED. Our goal and mission is cut and dry. We teach you to increase you “reaction time,” “quickness” and “first step”. Speed is what you need and a must have in today’s competitive sports world.

What Makes Our Programs Better?
Our specialized equipment. This Keiser Pneumatic Equipment is designed specifically to train the fast twitch muscle fibers. With this workout we are training the nervous system to execute movements and reactions faster at “Game Speed”! In less than 20 seconds you can change your weights from 10 lbs to 500 lbs without ever getting up. Keiser machines are the choice of many professional teams and trainers worldwide. Keiser Pneumatics, as research has proven is one of the safest most effective methods of resistance ever invented.
Knowledgable certified trainers combined with this cutting edge technology is a solution designed to help you exceed both your and your coach’s highest expectations.

Our Programs

Speed Training

Year around, Turbulence offers a comprehensive and speed training program. Assuming you have developed proper movement patterns, this program will compliment your ability and be an asset to your teams current strength & conditioning program. We will increase your ‘hip mobility’ and your ‘stride length’ through ‘core strength’ and ‘dynamic flexion’. Combined, these 4 components will increase your acceleration. Completing this program will guaruntee you more playing time.

Sports Performance Training

Turbulence offers integrated trainings programs for all ages both male and female. Our staff has worked with competitive athletes for all sports. Our unique protocols were developed to improve overall athletic performance geared to improve these objectives:
– quickness & balance
– speed & agility
– stamina & endurance
– hand/eye coordination

Beast Mode Training

Turbulence has formulated the perfect program targeting these 3 objectives: Speed, Strength and Flexibility. “BMT” is an hour workout consisting of 30 mins of speed training; 20 mins of intense strength training and 10 minutes of dynamic flexion. During this hour you will focus on all aspects of being an athletic specimen. Once we asses your ability, we will select an intense model of training that is suitable to your fitness level and goals. BMT is recommended only for serious competitors and athletes planning a future in his or her sport!

Instructor to Athlete Ratio is 1:5


Phase I – $325.00 (June 9th – 30th)

Phase II – $400.00 (July 7th – July 31st)

Phase III – TBA

*Both Camps – $675.00 (PIF discount)*


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