Temporary Goals vs. Life-Changing Goals

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Most of us woke up on January 1st this year thinking that this year was going to be different. This year was going to be extraordinary. That this year…my life was going to change. Some of you look now and notice that this year isn’t that much different than 2011. Well, that’s O.K.

So what if you missed the big “January-I’m gonna -Get-My-Life-Back” rush to the gym? We’re here to tell you that it’s not too late. One of the problems that we often see is that when people set goals (especially in January), these goals are often temporary. There’s a big difference between temporary and life changing.

With temporary goals, you quit. With temporary goals, you can’t stay motivated. You have a tendency not to push yourself the way you should. It doesn’t matter if you wrote them down and pasted them on your bathroom mirror. They still can come down.

Here’s the main difference between a temporary goal and a life-changing goal: Life-changing goals take other people. Life is all about change. And often that change involves someone else coaching you, inspiring you, mentoring you, and pushing you to become something you could never imagine.

That’s where we come in. We want you to look at your goals and determine whether these goals are temporary or life-changing. If your goal is to “get into that swimsuit by this summer”, that’s temporary. When the summer is over, the swimsuit gets put back into your drawer and so does that goal. Now if your goal is to “Finally get healthy!”, that’s a life-changing goal. And that takes someone’s influence, whether that comes via a book, article, or personal trainer. Life-changing goals always take someone else.

So if your life-changing goal is to get “healthy” or to “get in shape”, we can help you reach that goal. Call us today and see how we can not only change your health, but change the way you think about health.

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