The training I’ve received over the past several years has made such a huge impact on my overall health! I’ve lost over 20 pounds, gained significant strength in my arms, legs chest and back, and the commitment to cardio has given me speed and endurance that I haven’t experienced since college! I am very thankful for their dedication and commitment! I feel better that I have ever felt in years!Ted

Working out is not always fun. Getting up at 4:30 am to work out is even less fun. What is fun is the laughter and fellowship that the trainers at the Private Training Zone bring to every session. Not only do I feel better physically after working out, but I am lifted spiritually. I know they care about my well-being by the thought and planning that goes into developing the routine for my group sessions as well as the coordination with my individual sessions. I feel better then I have in years and my husband thinks I look as good as I did when we were in high-school!Gina


The past 4 months they have made an impact in my life! I can not even express how grateful I am to the Private Training Zone with all the your help and guidance in getting to a healthy place again. PTZ came along at just the right moment when I knew there was more that I needed with regard to my working out and weight loss. You guys pour so much into each and every person that walks through the doors of the Private Training Zone.


Probably the most important thing about working out at the Private Training Zone is the Christian spirit they portray daily to their clients. They do this by setting an example by showing that your body is God’s temple and through weekly Bible studies. You leave a workout being filled with strength and spirit. Also, my 12 year old son started working out to become more agile and flexible. Not only did they help him with those important things but they also set an example of how a Christ follower can be cool!